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Program Name: Biomedical Informatics
Course Name: Intro to Clinical Information Systems Course Id: 1002
Course Description:

This course will compare and contrast the ways in which Clinical Infomation Systems (e.g Electronic Health Records (EHR), Personal Health Records(PHRs). etc.) support the needs of and are actually used by physicians, patients, accountable care organizations, researchers, informaticians and medical centers. We will examine the workflows for each of these use cases. We will explore the benefits supplied, limitations of and risks brought by the use of Clinical Infom1ation Systems EHRs. We will also investigate how these information systems are deployed for maximum benefit. We will briefly discuss clinical data standards. We will also discuss clinical decision support systems. In all of our discussions, we will discuss real-world challenges and homework will be assigned based on these challenges.

Credits: 1
Semester Offered: Spring

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