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Program Name: Biomedical Sciences
Course Name: Translational Genomics Course Id: 2400
Course Description:

The influence of Genomics is vast and affects all areas of biology,thus this course will be useful to all those who plan to do biomedical research. This course is an introduction to the goals, principles, tools, and many applications of genetics/genomics. The focus of this course will be on the human genome and in particular on naturally occurring DNA sequence variations and their impact on molecular physiology, clinical phenotypic expression, the diversity populations, and human evolution. Emphasis in on the latest advances in genetics/genomics, the use of genetic tools in understanding complex biological pathways and disease, and the translation of genomic information on clinical care. By the end of the course, the students will have a working knowledge of the current genomic technologies, approaches and types of databases and computational tools available with an overall understanding of how genomics can be used to probe disease biology.

Credits: 3
Semester Offered: Spring

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