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Program Name: Biomedical Sciences
Course Name: Q.E.D. Project – Phase II Course Id: 3003
Course Description:

The Q.E.D. Project provides a hands-on, team-based, technology development
experience. Over the course of the academic year, student-led teams will learn
to define a specific problem, invent a technology-based solution to the problem,
and build a prototype solution for it. These solutions will be evaluated based on
innovation, practicality, ease of use and adoption, economic impact, and
The Project will run in two phases:

Phase I (Fall semester): Needs finding and concept creation
A systematic approach to identifying and inventing new technologies

Phase II (Spring semester): Concept development and implementation
How to take an invention forward from early concept to technology translation, implementation planning, and funding

Credits: 1
Semester Offered: Spring

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