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Program Name: Biomedical Sciences
Course Name: Immunological Biotherapies: Concepts & Developments-Fall Course Id: 3501
Course Description:

International videoconference based class. The goal of this class is to provide students with the means to understand the relevance of immunology and immunotherapy strategies in the treatment of humandisease. We have gathered an exceptional number of immunotherapy experts throughout the world to teach basic immunology principles and discuss the development and success of different immunotherapiesin the treatment of inflammatory diseases, autoimmunity, cancer, and infectious diseases.
The course will be organized in 2 modules (17.5 hours per module) with lectures provided by faculty from three universities: University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris), University of Sao Paulo (Brazil) and faculty from Sinai (New York) through videoconferences.
We hope that the students will introduce each module and we will leave appropriate time for discussion at the end of each lecture.

Credits: 2
Semester Offered: Fall

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