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Name: Calvo, Veronica
Year you started at ISMMS: 2013
Lab: Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

Lab Mailing Address:

1468 Madison Ave, Annenberg Bldg, room 24-60
10029 New York, NY

Phone: 212-241-3798

Project/Research Interests:

I started working in the lab of Dr. Julio Aguirre-Ghiso in april 2013 as a collaboration project with Eli Lilly/Imclone. Starting in February 2015, I’ll be a LIFA fellow at Mount Sinai, and I’ll study the use of a variety of drugs in the control of disseminated disease and primary tumors.

Previous Postdoc Experience:

My main research interest, and the focus of my studies to date, is the study of cancer with the final goal of identifying new therapeutic strategies against this deadly disease.
My dissertation work comprised the study of the relationship between the tumor suppressor BRCA1 and the progesterone receptor in breast cancer cell lines. We showed that, even though BRCA1 mutant tumors are ER and PR negative, there is a regulatory connection between BRCA1 and PR that may involve the hormone receptors as early mediators in BRCA1-associated tumorigenesis.
Before defending my thesis, I started working at the R+D dept at BioSystems (Barcelona). It was a very valuable experience but I felt I wanted to devote my career to biomedical research. I got a postdoctoral position at the laboratory of Dr. Joaquin Arribas (Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology, Barcelona) where I worked on the molecular mechanisms of tumorigenesis and therapy resistance of HER2- overexpressing breast tumors. I was able to show an unrecognized mechanism of activation of an N-terminal truncated form of the HER2 receptor (resistant to trastuzumab treatment) through the dimerization with HER3, and so susceptible to inhibition with HER3 blocking antibodies.
I was awarded with the international postdoctoral fellowship Fundacion Alfonso Martin Escudero and I expended the two years of my fellowship in the lab of Dr. Paraic Kenny (Albert Einstein College of Medicine, NY), where I worked on the design of new combination therapies against a recurrent subpopulation of triple-negative breast cancers characterized by the expression of the adaptor protein GRB7.

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Collaborations and Other Affiliations:

Starting February 2nd, I’ll be working as a LIFA (Lilly innovation fellowship award) fellow at Mount Sinai, which means I’ll be working in projects that combine the use of reagents, expertise and facilities from Lilly and Mount Sinai for advancing in the application of drugs for the treatment and control of metastatic disease.

Funding Sources and Prizes/Awards

Lilly Innovation fellowship Award (Feb 2015-Feb 2019)

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