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Name: Aguirre, Sebastian
Year you started at ISMMS: 2010
Lab: Fernandez-Sesma

Lab Mailing Address:

1468 Madison Avenue, Box #1124
New York, NY 10029

Phone: 212-241-0994

Project/Research Interests:

Sebastian Aguirre studies the interaction between humans and viruses at a molecular level. His research focuses on the understanding of the strategies used by different human viruses to evade the host immune system. He also, explores the mechanisms of virus detection and control by immune cells. His main project focuses on the strategies used by Dengue virus (a pathogen transmitted by mosquitoes that affect more than 350 million humans yearly) to suppress detection and control by humans immune system. This work provides crucial information for the rational design of vaccines and antiviral therapies to control this pathogen.

Previous Postdoc Experience:

Sebastian holds a BS in Biotechnology and obtained his PhD degree in Biochemistry at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, where he worked in close collaboration with local Biotech Companies on the development of new generation vaccine prototypes for Hepatitis A virus, using a reverse genetic approach.

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Collaborations and Other Affiliations:

Sebastian actively collaborates with:
Andrea Gamarnik-Instituto Leloir, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Glen Barber-University of Miami
Raul Andino-University of San Francisco
Nevan Krogan-University of San Francisco
Adolfo Garcia-Sastre-Ichan School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Funding Sources and Prizes/Awards

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