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Name: Linde, Nina
Year you started at ISMMS: 2012
Lab: Julio Aguirre-Ghiso

Lab Mailing Address:

One Gustave L Levy Place, Box 1079
Annenberg 24-60
New York, NY 10029

Phone: 212-241-8194

Project/Research Interests:

In the Aguirre-Ghiso lab, we are interested in understanding the biology of disseminated tumor cells (DTCs). In particular we are interested in the mechanisms that favor survival, dormancy and switch into growth of loco-regional or secondary organ DTCs. My research interest lies in the interaction of macrophages with tumor cells to facilitate dissemination from the primary site as well as a switch towards a proliferative state in the secondary site. Our rationale is that once we understand how macrophages regulate these processes, we will better understand how alterations in the microenvironment where tumor cells lodge affect dormancy onset and reactivation.

Previous Postdoc Experience:

PhD 2012 from the Ruperta Carola University in Heidelberg, Germany. Summa cum Laude
PhD thesis 2007-2012 at the German Cancer Research Insitute (DKFZ) in Heidelberg, Germany, Lab of Margareta M. Mueller: “The role of inflammatory cells in skin carcinogenesis.”

Pubmed Feed: Click Here

Collaborations and Other Affiliations:

Funding Sources and Prizes/Awards

DoD Breast Cancer Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (2014)
IMMS Postdoctoral Recognition Award (2014)
Past: German Research Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship (2012-2014)

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