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Name: Chiang, Yuting
Year you started at ISMMS: 2010
Program: CLR     


Why you chose ISMMS?

I chose ISMMS and the PORTAL program for the opportunity to combine the research skills I developed as a master’s student with the clinical knowledge I learned about as a medical student to complete an impactful thesis project, which resulted in a first-author publication in the Journal of the American Association (JAMA).

Lab: Joanna Chikwe, MD, Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery


My PORTAL thesis is on my retrospective study of aortic valve replacement using the Statewide Planning and Research Cooperative System. My focus is on the younger age range of patients, 50 to 69, to investigate whether outcomes differed between those receiving bioprosthetic versus mechanical aortic valve replacement. This project exposes me to the use of advanced software to conduct large reviews of surgical outcomes and is helping me contribute to the debate on which surgical approach is best in this younger age group. My study has led to a first author publication in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
My role in the project includes coming up with the study focus and design, dataset acquisition, statistical analysis, data interpretation, and drafting of the manuscript.

Undergrad institution and major: Harvard University- Biology Major

What did you do between college and grad school?

What do you like to do outside of school?

What is your favorite quote?

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