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Name: Bouhaddou, Mehdi
Year you started at ISMMS: 2012
Program: PhD      MTA: BSP


Why you chose ISMMS?

I chose Mount Sinai because:
1) I wanted to combine computational systems biology and mathematics with cutting edge “wet” experimental biology, which the SBDT MTA strongly endorses,
2) I am interested in pursuing an industry-related career, which Mount Sinai vigorously supports by providing courses that teach you business and product development, and
3) I wanted to live in New York City!

Lab: Dr. Marc Birtwistle – Cancer Systems Biology Lab


My thesis project revolves around developing mathematical models and performing wet-lab experiments to understand signaling pathways implicated in Glioblastoma Multiforme, a lethal brain cancer. Above and beyond looking at how an individual protein can contribute to cancer pathogenesis, in our lab we use chemical engineering principles to study how the interaction between numerous proteins may, non-intuitively, lead to emergent cellular behavior, such as proliferation, death, or migration. Our end goal is to develop personalized drug regimens for individual patients by tailoring our analyses to both the genomic and epigenomic landscape of each individual tumor.

Undergrad institution and major: University of California, Berkeley; Bachelor’s in Cognitive Science

What did you do between college and grad school?

Right after college I traveled around Asia for ~2 months! Then I got a job working as a Research Assistant in a neuroimaging lab at UCSD for 2 years. I also concurrently worked in a neurodegenerative disease lab and an HIV lab during evenings and weekends.

What do you like to do outside of school?

When I can find free time, I like to doing things outdoors like play tennis, go running, swimming, and biking. I also enjoy writing and going out on the town every once and a while.

What is your favorite quote?

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