Student Profiles

Name: Wei, Gabbie
Year you started at ISMMS: 2016
Program: PhD      MTA: GGS


Why you chose ISMMS?

Sinai encouraged the pursuit of non traditional post graduation paths, amazing location next to central park, and support for learning computational biology. I also liked how ISMMS is a hospital, so most of the research is highly translational making it enjoyable to view the implications of your work.

Lab: Carmen Argmann


Undergrad institution and major: Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology, UCLA

What did you do between college and grad school?

I came to Sinai directly from undergrad, but worked on diabetic corneal stem cells in Los Angeles during my senior year of college.

What do you like to do outside of school?

I enjoy all the seasonal happenings around New York and soaking in some art at the local museums. I’m a pretty big foodie so I enjoy seeking the best hole in the wall places and desserts that new york has to offer, oh and of course happy hours.

What is your favorite quote?

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