Student Profiles

Name: Griswold, Ruth
Year you started at ISMMS: 2009
Program: PhD      MTA: CAB


Why you chose ISMMS?

I liked the main course – how the professors teach their area of specialty. I liked a lot of the professors. I liked the flexibility in collaboration (I have one advisor from NYU who had not collaborated with my Mount Sinai advisor before I joined the lab). I like all the new development in hiring new oncological sciences professors, new computational people. I liked that there is no teaching requirement, the program is focused on translational research, disease-focused.

Lab: Mihaela Skobe


Mathematical modeling of tumor growth in the lymphatic system

Undergrad institution and major: California Institute of Technology (2001-2003) and Columbia University (2003-2005). Applied and Computational Mathematics.

What did you do between college and grad school?

Worked for 4 years – 1.5 years at Statistics Collaborative preparing data monitoring committee reports for clinical trials; 2.5 years at Learning in Motion contributing to and editing math workbooks for elementary school through high school curriculum.

What do you like to do outside of school?

cook, walk around the city.

What is your favorite quote? It was the best of times it was the blurst of times – The Simpsons

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